Registering for an account will allow you to create a username to access non-public content that we share from time to time with our SPA families.  Once you submit your registration, your account will be reviewed for access.  For security purposes, remember to NEVER re-use/share passwords used in other sites.

Once your account is approved, we highly recommend you go back to your account settings and enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).  This will prevent anyone but you from logging into the account as it will require a second form of authentication to log in.  We recommend using either the Google Authenticator or the Microsoft Authenticator App.  For more details on this and how to set it up please click here.

***NOTE: Provided e-mail address MUST match what we have on record for you or access will not be granted and account will be deleted.  This is done for security purposes and to ensure that you are indeed an authorized Parent/Guardian of a child at our school.

2FA Authentication

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  • Minimum length of 14 characters.
    The password must have a minimum strength of Strong
    Strength indicator
  • Please be sure to specify which school you are requesting access for.