About our schools

The educational philosophy at Storybrooke Preschool Academy is rooted in providing children with experiences that enable them to question, explore, create, and to grow. Through love and dedication, children can develop key social, emotional, and intellectual skills that will enrich their lives as they grow into the future generation.

We understand and recognize the important role we play in your child’s life as they grow, and their world expands from the safety of home to the school community. We believe that children learn best in a supportive, loving, home-like environment where they are encouraged by caring adults who observe and learn beside them. We believe that children should be given time, appropriate materials, and engage in meaningful interactions to develop both intellectually and emotionally. The teachers in our centers are advocates for children, who through love and encouragement help them to develop both academically and socially. As they listen and learn with each child, they assess and guide the learning process and empower children to make sense of their world. The environment your child is exposed to is carefully thought out and our room arrangements reflect a child-centered view. Families and culture are celebrated at Storybrooke. The role of parents to our school is vital. The involvement and family connectedness are an integral piece of what makes our program strong.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care and education for children under our care.