Our Playgrounds


  • Ample amounts of NATURAL shade throughout for those hot, sunny days - we do live in Florida after all
  • Natural surface padding provided courtesy of our pine and oak trees
  • Lots and lots of room for the little ones to explore and run around
  • A wonderful view complimented only by the best sounds nature has to offer
  • A serene, secluded 4.5+ acre gem
  • Did we mention lots of room!
Toddler Playground - Look at all that room!!!

Infants Playground

Although Infants are not yet old enough to partake on outdoor playground activities, we do ensure that they too, are able to take in some fresh air as well as enjoy the change of scenery. It is said that a newborn can only see between 5-15" away until they reach an age of 3 months or greater when they are able to see and distinguish an object across the room, however, that does not mean that they are not able to distinguish a change of scenery (even one at 10" away) or a change in smells or climate. Depending on the weather infants are taken through a stroll in the playground via the use of our quad strollers, and they love it!

Toddler Playground - Look at all that room!!![banner  title="♥ Toddlers" custom_class="extra"]

Toddlers Playground

As many parents have figured out by now, Toddlers have a natural curiosity and like to explore everything around them. Some Toddlers seem to be under the impression they are naturally born climbers, mistaking your couch, bed and in some cases dining room tables as Mount Everest 🙂 so outside playtime plays a crucial part in both their ability to release some energy as well as aide in their overall development. It encourages their curiosity and exploratory nature as well as aides in the early mental, physical and social development.

Preschool Playground - Look at all that room!!!

Preschool Playground

As our little one's continue to develop, outside playtime becomes more important and relevant to their overall development as well as it aides and encourages their sharing and social interaction with other children in their age group. It is also during this stage where children start to learn and understand what teamwork means as they work together to explore the various aspects of the playground and playground structures. All while giving them a great opportunity to release some energy and staying fit in the process.

VPK-Pre-Kindergarten Playground - Look at all that room!!!


At this age we all know that children are at one of their most active stages and need a way to release lots of energy, and what better way is there than to have lots of room to run and play? Our VPK/Pre-K playground has ample space for the children to have a fun and productive “recess”. It provides the right amount of fun and release for our developing young minds. “Recess” ensures children stay healthy and active, enhances productivity and it improves their social skills. Did we mention lots of room to run and play?